Kisanii makes the highest quality, fur and cruelty-free makeup brushes. Crafted with the finest detail, Kisanii brushes create a flawless finish for professionals and makeup enthusiasts. 

Kisanii means 'artistic'. Founder, Chloë, is an artist, passionate about fashion, animal welfare and letting true beauty shine. 

It used to be widely believed that the best quality brushes had to be made from animal hair. Most brands still commonly sell brushes that are made from goat, horse, boars, squirrels and others. Modern technology has enabled the development of a synthetic fibre that mimics the softness and effectiveness of animal hair, whilst not using any part of, or harming animals in any way. 

If that is not reason enough to turn to Kisanii, our smooth, super soft brushes are also easier to clean, allergy-free and far more hygienic than real hair brushes.

We're all about looking beautiful on the outside, and feeling beautiful on the inside too.