Tight lining

An effortless skill for intensifying your eyelashes and eye shape, tight lining can also be used to embolden other makeup looks from a cat eye to a full-b1 smoky eye.  

 Source @makeupbydaniela14


  1. After washing your hands, gently lift your top lashes upward with your less dominant hand. Draw eyeliner (gel-based pencils work best) along the upper waterline.  
  2. Continue the line from the outer corner all the way to the inner corner, filling in between your eyelashes if desired.  
  3. With your less dominant hand, pull your bottom lashes down and draw eyeliner on the lower waterline from outer corner to inner corner.  



Source @kitkatsclarte


TIP • Only tight line the upper lash line for an ultra-subtle no-makeup makeup look.  


Source @hola.nova


Recommended Brushes:

Fine Liner Brush (L80) 







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