The best colours for blue eyes

From pale and icy to deep indigo, a blue-eyed gaze becomes even more alluring with the help of specialized shades.  


Source @katesynnottmakeup @ellefanning


BEIGE Ecru tones anchor sapphire stares with the slightest definition.  


BRONZE The shimmering sister to orange will draw the most attention to your ocean gaze.  


Source @mor_makeup_artist


WARM NEUTRALS Seeing the world through rose-colored eye shadow, blue eyes look especially prominent 


PURPLE This just-off-blue shade offers a satisfying and clever color play.  


Source @iamamystery_


ORANGE The warmer the shadow, the cooler the iris. Think of a vibrant sun setting on a tranquil, dark ocean.   


Recommended Brushes: 

Eye Blender Brush (B67)

Eye Definer Brush (B68)

Eye Definition Brush (B73)

Crease Blender Brush (B70)

Eye Shader Brush (S76)


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