The best colors for brown eyes

The eye color for over half of the world's population can anchor just about any shadow, but certain shades prove ever so slightly more enchanting.  


Source @alishaboe



The universally flattering shade is especially adept at warming up eye colors from amber to coffee.  



Earthy tones of yellow and green complement their naturally occurring neighbor, brown, like a slant rhyme.  


Source @katesynnottmakeup



One of the most precious naturally occurring metal looks extra bright on dark, deep eyes.  

 Source @byalix_b



Shades of cobalt, sky, and cerulean go together with brown eyes like water and sand.  



A metallic take on your natural eye color, bronze shadows and liners will cause your irises to shine.  


Source @brendasong 


Recommended Brushes:

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Eye Definition Brush (B73)

Crease Blender Brush (B70)

Eye Shader Brush (S76)

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