Supernatural nudes

 Nude eye shadow provides depth and spotlight to the eyes without showing a trace of makeup.  

Source @egbon_olamide

  1. Using a shade slightly darker than your own skin tone, apply the nude eye shadow with an eye shadow brush into the banana (crease) of your eyelid. 
  2. Apply the eye shadow along your top lash line. 
  3. Blend the color across your lid. 
  4. Press highlighter into the inner comers of your eyes and onto the midpoint of your eyelids with your fingers.  
  5. To heighten the look, if desired, apply dark brown eyeliner using the simple winged eyeliner technique and tight line the upper lash line.  
  6. Curl eyelashes and apply mascara.  


Source @galasstudio


Recommended Brushes: 

Eye Blender Brush (B67)

Eye Definer Brush (B68)

Eye Definition Brush (B73)

Crease Blender Brush (B70)

Eye Shader Brush (S76)

Wing Liner Brush (L84)  

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