How to wear lip liner

The trick to locking any lip color in place is with the demarcating powers of lip liner.   

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  1. Start by defining your cupid's bow, the most complex part of your lip shape.  
  2. Outline the perimeter of your lips moving outward from the center 
  3. Proceed to the corner of your lips.  
  4. Beginning at the center of your bottom lip, draw along the perimeter.  
  5. Connect the line all the way to the corners of your lip 


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TIP • Blend the lip liner toward the center of your mouth for a more natural lipstick application.  



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TIP • Alternately, you can use lip liner as a long-lasting matte lipstick by filling in your entire lip from the center out.  


 Source @jemimayaamakeup


Recommended Brushes:

Fine Liner Brush (L80)

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