How to wear blush

PALE PEACH BLUSH is marvellous l for warming the complexion. When applied between the under-eye circles and the apples of your cheeks, it will draw golden light to your face, and it can also be used as an eye shadow for a bronzer-like effect.  



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RED BLUSH mimics the effect of blood rushing to your cheeks after coming in from the cold, making you look extra youthful and romantic. For a natural application, intensify the color on the apples of your cheeks and blend it out toward the hairline and down to about an inch above the jawline.  


PLUM BLUSH is especially flattering when applied in a sculpting dash across the cheekbones. Starting at the outer corner of your cheekbone, just higher than the apples of your cheeks, blend the product in toward your nose, extending to the very edge of the hollows of the cheeks.  


PALE PINK BLUSH is a subtle way to add structure to your face without highlighting. Apply blush between your under-eye circles and the center of your cheekbone, for a natural looking highlight.  


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TIP • When choosing between cream and powder formulas, stick with this golden rule: Powders work best on top of powder bases, whilst creams work best on top of liquid bases or cream.  


Recommended Brushes: 

Blush Brush (C57)

Foundation Blender Brush (F42)

Power Brush (P47)

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