How to wash your face

It is among the cardinal sins in beauty to not wash your face before falling asleep. Cleansing is an important ritual for the beginning of your skincare routine.  


Source @karinatesss

  1. Splash tepid water on your face.  
  2. Put a quarter-size amount of cleanser on your fingers and rub your hands together.  
  3. Massage the cleanser in a zig-zagging motion (up and down) across your forehead.  
  4. Massage the cleanser down the bridge of your nose and out across the cheeks toward your ears.  
  5. Follow the jawline starting at the center of your chin and going up to your ears, massaging the cleanser into your skin.  
  6. Splash tepid water on your face until the cleanser is completely washed off. Repeat if necessary.  
  7. Pat—don't rub—your skin dry with a clean towel.  


TIP • Most cleansers will target a skin type directly on the label. But acne-prone skin types can opt for formulas with salicylic acid or honey, which is antibacterial. Oily skin should reach for oil-free gel-based formulas. Combination skin can use anything so long as it's not too drying. Dry skin types should use milk, cream, or oil-based cleansers. Sensitive skin should look for gentle cleansers with few ingredients.  

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