How to select the perfect pink lipstick

Pink is the most ubiquitous lipstick color for its universally flattering properties. Yet, when specially tailored to your skin tone, it has the ability brighten your whole look.  


Fair faces can go in one of two directions: crisp neon-pink shades that pop against your pale backdrop, or soft peach-driven shades that help to neutralize unwanted redness in the skin.  


Light skin tones are best complemented by lipstick choices that are equally muted, such as sheer petal pinks.  


Source @quaartez


Medium complexions can balance almost any pink shade against their olivine undertones, but glowing yellow-based watermelons are a sure-fire win.  


Source @michellephan


Deep skin tones can fearlessly experiment with blue-based fuchsias but should steer clear of neutral pale pinks, which will wash them out.  


Source @landsay_li


Recommended Brushes: 

Fine Liner Brush (L80) 

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