How to clean your makeup brushes at home

Okay, it’s time I come clean about something – I don’t wash my makeup brushes nearly as much as I should. 

They can get really grotty and often I’m doing my makeup in a hurry so I didn’t think about washing them until recently when I changed my skincare routine. 

Now let me set one thing straight, it’s not like I haven’t been told before that I should be washing my makeup brushes at least once a month. My sister (she’s a professional makeup artist) basically dry heaves everytime she goes through my makeup cabinet. I just always think of it as less of a priority until about a month ago when I had a string of murderous blackheads attacking my complexion and making me sad. So, after a bit of a google, the Google Doctor confirmed I should clean my brushes regularly, so I decided to finally listen. (Sorry, sis). And after watching my sister clean her brushes countless times before I wanted to share the best (from the perspective of an many time onlooker, few time do-er) way to clean your brushes that is quick and easy. 

Step 1:  Get yourself a small soap container and some sard soap, place the soap inside the container so you can hold the soap at different angles. Wet your first brush with water. 

Step 2:  Brush your wet brush over the soap until the colour starts to come out of it, this is all the different shades of eyeshadow, highlighter, glitter and whatever else you’ve been putting on your face coming off. Rinse & repeat. 

Step 3:  Once your brush is back to its original colour, shape it back to the shape its meant to be and place it on the edge of your counter to dry. This means it will dry fluffy and look like a fresh (sometimes new!) brush. 

Step 4:  Have a wine/chocolate break and get back to your next brush. 


How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes – Expert Advice: 

If you’re unsure about brushes, brush cleaner or why you should clean your makeup brushes, I asked Liv(resident Makeup Artist)for answers and you can see them here: 


What Is The Best Brush Cleaner To Use? 

The best brush cleaner is called Cinema Secrets, it’s quick drying and gets everything out without having to do a full wash. 


Is there a particular brand of soap to use? 

I use Sard, but the cake, not the tube. The cake is easier to use, store and you can find it at Woolworths. 


How often should you clean your makeup brushes if they’re liquid use v.s. powder? Or should they all be washed at the same frequency? 

It’s all the same, if you wear makeup everyday, once a week is fine. If it’s only every few days, a clean once a fortnight is good. The pressure you use when cleaning them should be the same as you use on your face. Don’t push on them too hard or they’ll start to knot and the bristles will fall out. And always dry your brushes flat with the bristles hanging over the edge so your brushes keep their shape, never dry them upright in a cup. 


What’s your favourite, the beauty pod or the foundation brush? 

They do different things, so I wouldn’t say one or the other. It’s more about pushing product in or buffing/placing product on the skin or blending. 


Any tips for cleaning a beauty pod? 

I love the Modelrock pods in the olive drop shape and to clean them you can great a really great $2 sponge cleaner from Daiso. 


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Alarna Hope is a Fashion Stylist and Body Positive Influencer based in Sydney Australia. Over the span of her career, she’s had the opportunity to dress and assist some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Having grown up with a creative family, studying at Tafe and FBI Fashion College Alarna quickly found her calling in fashion and she’s lived and breathed her work since. Since starting her career, Alarna has privately worked with clients across NSW and Melbourne with some of her commercial work published in various magazines both in Australia and internationally. Alarna has also she’s assisted in television wardrobes, and has also consulted for some of Australia’s biggest and most influential companies. 

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