How to choose face masks

Supercharge your skincare routine with masks that help to boost radiance, clear clogged pores, smooth fine lines in addition to hydrate. 

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Detox and acne – Mud masks and charcoal-based masks draw impurities to the surface and deeply cleanse the skin. 


Radiance – Chemical peels and physical exfoliating masks slough away dead skin cells for brighter-looking skin. 


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Fine lines – Retinol masks and masks containing vitamin C and lactic acid will boost collagen production to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. 


Hydrate – Sheet masks, sleeping packs, hyaluronic acid masks, and moisture-rich masks will all encourage suppleness restoration and glow to your skin. 


Reduce puffiness – cooling ingredients and caffeine will help improve circulation and decrease inflammation. 


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Recommended brushes:

Classic Face Brush (F51)

Foundation Blender Brush (F42) 

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