How to apply individual lashes

A few doe-like individual lashes will bolster the power of your gaze and help your eyes look more awake. 


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  1. Curl your lashes. 
  2. Apply mascara. 
  3. Using tweezers, pick up a single lash from the center of its curve and dip the base into glue. 
  4. Place the fake lash onto your natural lashes, close to the roots, so it is attached to your lashes instead of your skin. 
  5. Position longer lashes toward the outer corners of the eyes, slowly using shorter lashes as you move toward your nose. 
  6. Once they are dry, apply mascara for extra impact. 


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TIP • Consider using a white eyelash glue that dries clear for easy-to-see application. 


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TIP • Depending on the glue, you have a bit of flexible time to alter lashes while they dry. 

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