How to apply highlighter

Using highlighter to draw light to the high points of the face is a technique sometimes referred to as "sticking." Like contouring, highlighting aids with accentuating your bone structure and can be used in conjunction with contouring or in place of it. Highlighter will also provide a hydrateddewy finish to your complexion. 


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  1. Create a lit-from-within effect by applying highlighter with highlighting brush to the inner corners of your eyes and to the apples of the cheeks. 
  2. Additional highlights can be drawn down your nose bridge, in the Cupid’s bow of the lips, as well as the center of the chin. 
  3. Applying highlighter above and beneath the brow bone will give your face a more lifted look. 


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TIP • Cool skin tones (including very light and very dark) should reach for icy, white-based highlighters, while warmer skin tones will look more natural with gold-based highlighters. 



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Recommended brushes: 

Fan Brush (P59)  

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