How to apply full strip faux lashes

A full strip of lashes can be as subtle or as dramatic as desired, depending on material and length. Regardless of the intended impact, a few simple steps will result in a foolproof application. 


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  1. Apply a thin line of black eyeliner across the top eyelids, from corner to corner. 
  2. Cautiously detach one eyelash strip from its packaging. 
  3. Measure the strip against your own lashes to match where your own lashes begin and end. Trim any excess. 
  4. Once the lashes are cut to the perfect length, apply the glue evenly across the connecting strip.  
  5. Wait for about a minute, until the glue becomes tacky. 
  6. Using tweezers, place the strip on top of your natural lashes, at the lash root. Adjust the angle of the lashes to curl up at the ends for an open-eyed look, if desired. 
  7. Hold the lashes against the skin of the inner corner and outer corner of the eye for a few seconds to get the lashes to bond. 
  8. When applying the second lash strip, be mindful to keep the angles of the lashes the same. 
  9. To merge the false lash strip together visually with your natural lashes, apply mascara from the root of the lashes up to the tip. 


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TIP • If one corer becomes looseapply additional glue and hold the lashes in place for 15 seconds. 

Recommended brushes:

Fine Liner Brush (L80)

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