How to apply foundation

Using your foundation brush, apply a modest amount of product to the center of your chin, cheeks and forehead. Brush the product down to your chin, up to your hairline, and out toward your ears, creating the thinnest layer of coverage at the edges of the face for a seamless transition to your actual skin. If you need more coverage, build up graduallyKeep in mind that it's easier to add more coverage than it is to tone it down. 


 Source @julia.retouch

TIP • To blend further, buff over product gently with a blender brush or even a cosmetic sponge, working in circular motions 


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TIP • For concentrated coverage beneath your eyes or on blemishes, pat additional product onto issue areas with a concealer brush and blend out the edges. 


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Recommended brushes:

Base Buffer Brush (F43)

Classic Face Brush (F51)

Foundation Blender Brush (F42)

Concealer Brush (N60)

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