How to apply concealer

To disguise blemishes, dark circles and redness, concealer can be applied on clean skin or over foundation. 


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  1. Look straight ahead into the mirror and dab a small amount of product under your eyes, wherever you're dark (this varies from person to person based on the shape of your face and the shape of the space under your eyes). It's optimal to build up coverage thoughtfully, step back, then add more where you really need it rather than putting on too much all at once. 
  2. Using a small concealer brush or your finger, delicately dab and blend the concealer together. 
  3. Blend the edges into your natural skin tone – be careful to only lighten the dark areas of your face. Adding concealer any lower than your dark areas will cancel out the dark coverage. 
  4. Cover areas of hyperpigmentation, red patches around the chin and nose as well as blemishes. Be sure to blend edges away seamlessly. Applying concealer just below and above the eyebrows will give the appearance of a subtle facelift. 


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        TIP • Using a light coverage concealer below your eyes will help avoid getting pigment trapped in fine lines. 


          TIP • On the rest of the face, thicker concealers will allow for more coverage without the danger of caking up. 



        Recommended Brushes 

        Perfect Pencil Brush (B72)

        Concealer Brush (N60) 

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