How to apply bronzer

One of the most misapplied products in makeup, bronzer is most convincingly- employed when limited to the high planes of the face, where the sun naturally hits the skin, rather than applied over the whole face as a universal wash. 


Source @aminajanine_mua


Twirl a large bronzer brush into bronzer pan, tap off overabundance pigment, and apply the bronzer along the prominent high points of the cheekbones, along the hairline, and down the bridge of the nose. For an extra realistic sun-kissed lookpat on a bit of bronzer onto the chin and parallel to the brow bone. 





TIP • The more matte your powder and the cooler the tone (versus a warm tone, which can give the skin an orange hue), the more believable it will look 


Recommended brushes:

Classic Face Brush (F51)

Blush Brush (C7)

Foundation Blender Brush (F42)

Powder Brush (P47)

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