Find the best eyebrows for your face shape

While all eyebrows are individual, your face provides guidelines for shaping your own brows to best complement your natural bone structure.  


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Oval faces have easily balanced proportions and don't require exaggerated shapes. Rather, soft, angled eyebrows will frame them most naturally.  


Long, rectangular faces will find that straight eyebrows with little to no arch help balance high foreheads and cheekbones.  


Round faces will gain visual length and definition from more sharply arched brows.  


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Heart-shaped faces will discover an ideal eyebrow in softly rounded shapes.  


Square faces with strong jawlines can execute a softly arched brow, to soften the lines of the face.  


Diamond-shaped faces are better suited for dramatically curved arches to refocus attention on the narrow parts of the face like the forehead.  


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Recommended brushes: 

Beautiful Brow Brush (W87) 




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