Common Hair Myths Busted!

Lauren MacKellin from Vision Blonde helps KISANII bust some common hair myths!
You can’t colour your hair when you are pregnant – you can!
Coconut oil is good for your hair - it’s not! Coconut oil is for cooking! Research has recently shown that it’s not even good for your health to cook with! Coconut oil coats your hair, sitting on the outside, kind of like a supermarket conditioner does creating build up and weight. It is not really absorbed into your hair and eventually the residue  it makes it really difficult to colour your hair.
You need to have dirty hair to get it coloured -  this is only true if you are having bleach on scalp or your scalp gets irritated easily. If your hair is unclean, it can actually make it more difficult for the colour to penetrate and its actually really unpleasant for your hairdresser - we don’t enjoy touching dirty hair!
You can’t shampoo your hair daily - this is only true if you had a specific scalp condition that was irritated by shampoo or if you were using poor quality products. If you have been prescribed the right products and want to shampoo daily, then by all means do it!
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