Choosing a base

Whether you're looking for a sheer wash of color or a skin tone overhaul, there's a base for every skin need. 



This straightforward blend of moisturizer and sheer color delivers subtle coverage and hydration to your face. Best for those hunting for a modest pick-me-up for their complexions. 



The BB in BB cream stands for "beauty balm," which marries the benefits of targeted skincare (think: hydration, SPF as well as anti-aging properties) with a diaphanous wash of color. Best for those who want to tint with a focus on precaution and preservation. 


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The CC in CC cream stands for "color correcting," making this product group adept at combating sallowness or redness with, most often, light-diffusing particles and a skin-tone- warming tint. Best for those with uneven skin hue looking to conceal existing imperfections. 



The opaquest of bases, foundation provides a uniform color to your complexion. Available in sheer, medium, and full-coverage formulas, it's best for those looking to remarkable upgrade their complexions in a pinch, or for anchoring more dramatic makeup looks. 


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Recommended Brushes: 

Classic Face Brush (F51)

Foundation Blender Brush (F42)


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