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We interviewed the lovely Lauren MacKellin from Vision Blonde. She kindly shared a few of her secrets for gorgeous looking hair!

What's your top hair secret?
OLAPLEX! Everyone should have it, it is now essential to your haircare routine if you want healthy hair that is! You cannot overdo it either; sleep with it in for extra goodness! You can even use it as a styling product!

 What hairstyles will be trending in 2017?
The more undone and untouched looking, the better! Half-up, half-down styles are good, with small top knots. Hair down in its natural state is in, healthy hair is in! Think messy ponys, low and high! 70s fringes and more grown out longer fringes are big in 2017.
What foods are best for healthy hair?
Having a healthy balanced diet will show through your hair. If you are lacking in absolutely any vitamin/mineral, your hair will suffer! In saying that, omega 3 and eating ‘good fats’ and also protein will help to nourish your hair and keep it looking healthy.
How do you master the perfect DIY blow-dry?
With the right products, of course! It all depends on your hair type and the current condition its in, along with what would work best for you. It starts with shampoo and conditioner; you cannot get a good result using something from the supermarket so ignore the advertising for home dyes or shelf shampoos. I often use the evo gluttony shampoo/conditioner to prep the hair then shape vixen, root canal and end doctor. It’s definitely worth investing in a good quality brush and hairdryer too, you don’t want to fry your hair!
Loose wave

How do you create the perfect loose wave?
It is essential to prep the hair with the right products! You need to have blow-waved it well prior. It comes down to personal preference with the actual waves, some are better with a straightener, others are better with a wand. Practice makes perfect, the more you do it the better you’ll be!
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